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Time limited pet insurance

Our Silver cover is our time limited pet insurance plan which helps to protect your furry friend from any accidents and illnesses they’ve had. Time limited cover also gives you protection against eligible accidents and illnesses for up to 12-months after the first day of treatment or until the policy limit is reached, whichever happens first.

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What is time limited pet insurance?

Time limited pet insurance policies are there to cover vet bills arising from an accident or eligible illness that your pet may suffer to a specific cover limit.

Each new condition is covered up to the limit for 12 months. If that limit is reached within 12 months that condition becomes excluded from future claims and is classed as a pre-existing condition.

Our cover levels

If the time comes that you need to make a claim, our Silver time limited cover protects your pet for up to £3,000 of their vet treatment for a 12-month period from the time the condition is first claimed.

Vet fee cover limit
£3,000per injury/illness
  • 12 month time limited. Cover limit applies per injury and illness.
Inner limits
£3,000depending upon treatment
  • In some cases there are restrictions on certain types of treatment types which are lower than the overall cover limit. These are called inner limits.
  • Cruciate Ligament: £500
  • Alternative treatment: £300
  • Dental treatment: £3,000
£75 or £200per injury/illness per year (depending on pet age)
  • Unlike other insurers, we don't impose a coinsurance payment when claiming.

What our customers say about us

Time limited cover protects against...

Time limited plans only cover vet fees for injuries caused by accidents and eligible illnesses. Our plans are based on an ongoing time limited cover of £3,000 per accident or illness.

It could provide a cost effective way of insuring your pets for the essentials.

...and what's not covered?

It does not cover treatment for conditions that go beyond the 12-month period or the maximum value of the treatment which occurs first. If you think that you’ll need cover of a higher value then consider maximum benefit cover or, if you need a longer period of time then take a look at our lifetime pet insurance.

Nor will time limited cover protect you against any pre-existing conditions, if you are looking to cover these, then you can take a look at our Champ product which could protect your pet’s pre-existing conditions.

There are also some exclusions on our policies, such as specific dog breeds and treatment types. For full details see our policy exclusions.

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Multi-pet discount

If you’re insuring 2 or more pets then you’ll receive a 10% discount off your total insurance premium. The offer applies to our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier and Premier Plus cover and will be deducted when calculating your quote.

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97% claims paid

If the unfortunate situation arrives where you need to make a claim on your policy, we can assist by paying your claim fast and efficiently and often payments can be made directly to your vet – so long as you and they agree. In 2019 we paid 97% of all claims made.

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Switch without the wait

It hasn’t always been easy to switch your pet cover, but we’re changing that. Most providers will impose a 14-day wait time for illnesses if you switch, but so long as you are an existing pet insurance holder when you switch to us, we won’t.

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No co-insurance

Co-insurance is a payment in addition to the excess that’s shared between you and an insurer which splits the cost of claims, usually it’s an 80/20 split.

We want you to know exactly what your costs will be so we don’t impose a co-insurance payment on any of our plans.

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24/7 Careline access

The Scratch & Patch Careline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is included for all cover levels. Our friendly UK based team are available whether you’re looking for pet care advice or looking for assistance with a quote or a claim.

Time-limited cover FAQs

What’s an excess and how does it work?

An excess is a compulsory payment made by you.

For time limited cover the excess is payable on each injury you make a claim for in each policy year. If your claim spans two plan years for the same injury you’ll be required to pay the excess each year.

For example our excess for time-limited policies is £75 for a cat under 10 years old or a dog under 8 years old. So if you make a successful claim for £500 of vet treatment then we will pay £425 and you will pay the £75 excess. The excess increases to £200 for older cats and dogs and so you would have to pay more.

If you claim under the Third Party Liability section of cover then the excess is £250.

Is there a waiting period before my pet is covered?

Any new illnesses starting within the first 14 days of your policy are not covered.  This is called a waiting period.

However, if you switch your cover from another insurer, we won’t enforce a waiting period, you will be able to claim for illness starting in the first 14 days.

We don’t have a waiting period for accidents or injuries.

Is there an age limit?

Your pet must be at least 5 weeks old when your policy starts.  There is no upper age limit but please note that the excess increases and cover for death, euthanasia and loss and recovery ends when your dog reaches the age of 8 or your cat reaches the age of 10.

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