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How to switch pet insurance

Switch your cover from another provider and we’ll cover you without the typical 14 day waiting period for illnesses. Our 5* Defaqto rated cover is could be a great option when looking for a better pet insurance deal.

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Switch cover without the wait

Switching pet insurers is a big decision, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the cover you need at the most competitive price, so shopping around is a good idea.

Whilst it’s common that as soon as you join a new provider your pet will be covered straight away for any accidents they may have, the same doesn’t always apply to illnesses.

Most pet insurers will impose a 14 day waiting period on new illnesses, but not with us. If you’ve been covered elsewhere then with us you’ll be able to continue that cover without a break.

Why is there a 14 day waiting period at all?

The 14-day waiting period imposed by some providers helps to guard against pet owners buying insurance knowing that their pet is ill and needing treatment. They can make a claim and get a payout without having to pay the bulk of their insurance premium.

The waiting period is there to protect members from this activity, as the claims paid out by an insurer will impact renewal rates for all customers.

In our case, we do impose a 14-day waiting period for illness claims for customers who are new to pet insurance or those who have had a break between their previous insurance and a new plan, but if you are switching to us without a break then you can be covered for accidents and illnesses immediately.

Why switch to us?

Alongside the immediate cover you’ll get by joining us, there are a number of other benefits of being a member.

  • You’ll be joining a community of over 17,000 pet owners
  • Our customers love our cover, our Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves.
  • Quick and efficient claims with over 97% of all claims paid last year.

Furthermore, our plans come with a whole host of features.

Can I switch if my pet has pre-existing conditions?

If your pet has pre-existing conditions that you still want cover for then your choice of providers is limited. However we can help, in fact we were the first insurer to offer online screening of your pet’s pre-existing conditions cover, we call it Champ.

We can help you to switch a pet with pre-existing conditions to us, we’ll just need to know about the severity of the condition and the treatment that your pet has had until this point. We’ll then be able to give you a definitive answer on whether the condition can be covered. This is all done as part of your online quote.

We created our Champ for this very reason, to give pet owners more flexibility to get the best cover at the best price.

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Multi-pet discount

If you’re insuring 2 or more pets then you’ll receive a 10% discount off your total insurance premium. The offer applies to our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier and Premier Plus cover and will be deducted when calculating your quote.

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97% claims paid

If the unfortunate situation arrives where you need to make a claim on your policy, we can assist by paying your claim fast and efficiently and often payments can be made directly to your vet – so long as you and they agree.

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No co-insurance

Co-insurance is a payment in addition to the excess that’s shared between you and an insurer which splits the cost of claims  usually it’s an 80/20 split.

We want you to know exactly what your costs will be so we don’t impose a co-insurance payment on any of our plans.

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24/7 Careline access

The Scratch & Patch Careline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is included for all cover levels. Our friendly UK based team are available whether you’re looking for pet care advice or looking for assistance with a quote or a claim.

What our customers say about us

Common FAQs when switching

What should I consider before I switch?

While all of us want cheaper insurance costs, it’s not always about price. Compare the details of the cover, what are the cover limits for vet fees and the inner limits for specific treatments. You should also consider whether your pet has any ongoing conditions or treatments that would need to be continued with your new insurer.

Do I need to provide any evidence of previous claims or my pet’s health?

No. Unlike car insurance it’s not a case of proving no claims certificates. As you go through a quote with us you’ll be asked a series of questions about your pet’s health, and you’ll be asked to make declarations about the information you’ve told us.

This is what we will reference back to should you need to make a claim. It’s very important that you fill this information out accurately and honestly as you could find that any wrongful statements could invalidate a claim.

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