How to keep your pets safe on bonfire night

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Our pets can find this time of year difficult to handle when their senses are being bombarded with deafening bangs and bright flashes. Dogs and cats hearing is acutely more sensitive than our own and the loudness of fireworks may actually be painful for them. So, it’s really important to provide a safe and calm environment for your pet during firework season.


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Running away from loud noises is a natural response for a dog or cat, so it’s best to check that their microchip details are up to date just in case they should escape. Have their microchip number and contact number for the database ready in a safe place, just in case they should get lost or slip their lead.

So what can we do to help our dogs and cats feel safe and secure?

Have you thought about exercising your dog during daylight hours? A tired dog is more likely to settle! Keep windows and curtains closed, lights on and the radio or TV turned up.  Restrict access outside for dogs and cats during the hours of darkness by closing dog/cat flaps.

Try to provide a safe area or den in which your pet can retreat to and hide in, preferably located in a darkened corner of a room. Training your pet in advance to accept this area as a safe and positive place will help to offer reassurance on the night.

Consider staying at home with your pet on Bonfire night, as your calm presence will be reassuring to them.


Feed your pets during daylight hours, before the fireworks start, when they will be more relaxed and able to eat in a calm environment.

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Some animals find pheromone diffusers comforting as they disperse calming chemicals into the room. These are easily obtained and just need to be plugged in. There are separate ones for dogs and cats and the pheromones can only be detected by animals, so they won’t make your house smell strange!

Don’t forget to offer hiding spaces for wildlife in your garden and remember to check bonfires, before lighting them, for any creatures which may have moved in, including our prickly friend – the hedgehog.

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Preparing in advance before the fireworks start will help to ensure that you and your pets can all enjoy Bonfire night safely.

Don’t panic, be prepared and help your pet enjoy a calm and relaxed firework season.

For any advice or queries, please call the 24/7/365 Careline on 0333 332 1926.

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