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How to make the most of your pet insurance policy

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When you are looking for pet insurance it can be difficult to know what cover you need. We cannot advise you on what to purchase but we can give you some guidelines for making the most of the vet fees section of your policy.

There are many policies and various levels of cover on the market so you should check carefully before deciding on which one is best for you and your pet.

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The main types of pet insurance commonly available are:

  • Accident only policies: These will only cover your pet for injuries that occur following an accident.
  • Time-limited policies: After you make a claim there will be a time limit, usually 12 months, that you can claim for that condition, after which you will not be able to claim. There will usually be a maximum claim limit too.
  • Maximum benefit policies: These will cover your pet for a condition up to a set limit. Once you have exceeded the limit you will not be able to make any further claims for that condition.
  • Lifetime policies – also known as Reinstatement cover: This will provide a set amount for all vet fees, which will renew each year. You select the vet fees cover you require. This is the most expensive type of policy, but it can cover your pet throughout their lifetime if you renew the policy and pay the premium.

Reinstatement cover is the only policy type that can cover your pet indefinitely if they develop a chronic condition. Checkout the policy before you buy though as not all will, and this will only be the case if you renew the policy and pay the premium.

Helping you make your money go further in three easy steps

Once you have selected the cover you require for your pet, you will want to ensure that the policy works for you and your pet in the best way possible. We call it making the most of your policy.

To ensure that you use every penny on your pets health and not waste it just follow the check list below:

1. Use helplines for example our free Scratch & Patch Careline

If you feel your pet is displaying symptoms or you are concerned about your pet call the helpline (if provided – not all policies offer this unfortunately).

Ill pet

To ensure you are getting the most out of your policy and to avoid unnecessary vets visits that can stress out your animal when not required, we include within our policy the free Scratch & Patch Careline – it’s a service that is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides advice and guidance on how to care for your pet as well as in an emergency.

If you have concerns about your pet:

  • call 0333 332 1926
  • you will need to provide your insurance policy number as show on your schedule.
  • describe your concerns, questions or your pet symptoms – they will be happy to help you
  • a veterinary nurse will answer your questions and explain what you need to do next
  • remember that before you make a claim your pet must see a vet

You could save money by doing this prior to going to the vet, our careline vet nurses are always happy to help, and we want you to be able to use your money wisely for your pet’s health so why not use this free service.

2. Compare veterinary costs

If your pet needs treatment it can be worthwhile asking several vets for an upfront quote, to cover the full cost of treatment and subsequent ongoing care.

Vets are required to display their pricing and as a responsible pet owner you can ask for the cost of the treatment and or a breakdown prior to having the treatment. Remember the more you save on each visit or prescription charge the more your policy will protect your animal moving forward. We want you and your pet to benefit from the product you are buying not the vet.

One of the best ways to keep your costs down in the long term is to make sure you are using a veterinary service offering the best value for money.

If your pet is in good health it can make sense to check the cost of routine health care, including neutering and vaccinations at several vets before deciding on which to register your pet with.

Dog vet treatment

3. Consider getting your pet medication online

Pet medication can be cheaper if you purchase from, or are recommended to use, an online authorised pet prescription medication site, it’s easy to do,

  • Obtain a prescription from your vet for the medicine you wish to buy,
  • Buy your pet medication from the site paying careful attention to match the exact medication and quantity written on your prescription,
  • Add your pet(s) to the website and match each medicine to the correct pet,
  • Send in your prescription to the site provider,
  • They will provide your prescription products to you. Always make sure you use a reputable site
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